BAESS Rechargeable 4-in-1 Ladyshave With Attachments For Every Need

Want smooth skin that glows with confidence? Meet our newest rechargeable lady shaver, equipped with not one, not two, but four handy attachments! From epilation to exfoliation, this all-in-one solution transforms your grooming routine. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to a smoother, softer you. Discover now how this lady shaver will change your life!
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Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for your personal care needs? Look no further! We are proud to present our newest addition: the rechargeable 4-in-1 Ladyshave, your ideal companion for a smooth and versatile hair removal experience.

The ultimate device for a complete grooming routine
With our innovative 4-in-1 Ladyshave, you'll never have to choose between different devices for different needs again. This all-encompassing tool combines four essential functions in one convenient device: epilator attachment, lady shaver, massage, and skin exfoliator. Whether you want to epilate, shave, massage or exfoliate your skin, this device can do it all.

Enjoy hypoallergenic care
We understand that sensitive skin types need special attention. That's why our shaving heads are hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, you can rely on the gentleness and effectiveness of our ladyshave.

Efficient and rechargeable design
Our ladyshave is designed with your convenience in mind. Its rechargeable design means no more hassle with batteries. Just place it on the included stand and let it charge before your next use. This not only saves money on disposable batteries, but is also better for the environment.

Versativeness at its best
Let's take a look at the four attachments that come with this ladyshave:

Epilator attachment: For long-lasting hair removal. Effectively remove unwanted hairs from the root, for smooth skin that lasts longer than traditional shaving.

Ladyshaver: Fast, smooth shaving for those times when you need a quick fix.

Massage attachment: Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage after hair removal. This attachment helps promote blood flow and reduces potential irritation.

Exfoliator for skin: Keep your skin radiant and renewed with the exfoliation attachment. Remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal for a fresh complexion.

With these four attachments, you have all the tools at your fingertips to take your personal care routine to the next level.

Dare to shine!

Tips & Tricks

Preparation is key: Take a hot shower or use a warm washcloth to soften the skin and hair before you begin shaving or tweezing. This will make the process more comfortable and ensure smoother results.

Exfoliate beforehand: Make use of the exfoliation attachment before shaving or tweezing. This removes dead skin cells and opens pores, which can help prevent ingrown hairs and achieve a smoother result.

Keep the skin taut: When shaving and epilating, it is important to keep the skin taut for an even and effective treatment. Gently pull the skin with your free hand to create a smooth surface.

Choose the right speed: Most lady shavers have multiple speed settings. Start at a lower speed, especially if you are new to using the device. You can gradually adjust the speed as you become more familiar with the process.

Shave/epilate against the direction of hair growth: For best results, it is often most effective to shave or epilate against the direction of hair growth. This provides a smoother finish, but be careful not to put too much strain on the skin.

Keep the attachment clean: Clean attachments regularly to ensure they continue to work properly and to maintain hygiene. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintaining the attachments.

Soothe and moisturize: After shaving or tweezing, apply a soothing lotion or cream to reduce any irritation and moisturize the skin. Avoid products containing alcohol, as they can dry out the skin.

Change attachments: Experiment with the different attachments to discover which ones best suit your needs. For example, you can use the massage attachment after epilation to promote blood flow and increase comfort.

Be patient: If you are using a lady shaver for the first time, it may take some time to master the best technique. Be patient and give yourself time to familiarize yourself with the device.

Change shaving heads regularly: Depending on how often you use the ladyshave, it is advisable to change the shaving heads regularly to ensure that you always get optimal results.