BAESS Shaver With Attachments Tips

Discover the ultimate grooming solution that takes your routine to the next level. Our shaver with various attachments offers more than just a close shave. From trimming nose and ear hair to exfoliating your skin, this versatile device is designed to meet all your grooming needs. Read on to learn how to take your look to a professional level, with easy maintenance and helpful styling and shaving tips.

For a Complete and Groomed Look
In the world of personal care, a versatile shaver with attachments is like a multi-tool for your look. Whether you need a close shave, precise styling, deep facial cleansing or even wet and dry shaving, our shaver with various attachments is ready for you. Let's zoom in on the various features this device has to offer.

1. Shaver with various attachments
One device, countless possibilities. Our shaver is equipped with an array of attachments, each of which performs a specific task. From trimming your beard to cleaning your skin, this device is designed to meet all your needs. Thanks to this versatility, you no longer need to invest in multiple devices.

2. Nose hair and ear trimmer
Those unwanted nose and ear hairs can seriously disrupt your looks. Fortunately, our special nose and ear trimmer attachment offers a careful and painless solution. With precision and comfort, you can remove these troublesome hairs, making sure you always look groomed. The attachment is designed with the sensitive nature of this task in mind, so you don't have to worry about discomfort.

3. Facial cleansing and exfoliation
Our shaver goes beyond shaving. With the facial cleansing attachment and exfoliator, you can enjoy in-depth skin care. The facial cleansing attachment, used with your favorite cleansing cream, removes dirt and oil, while the exfoliator removes dead skin cells for a healthier look. This means you not only get a close shave, but also fresh and glowing skin.

4. Easy In Use and Maintenance
We understand that convenience is essential in your daily routine. That's why we've made sure our shaver is intuitive and comfortable to use. With ergonomic contours and convenient controls, it fits well in your hand and is easy to handle. Plus, maintenance is just as easy. The attachments can be easily rinsed with water after use, so your device is always ready to use.

5. Head Bald Shaving Tips
For those who make the bold choice to shave their heads bald, we have some tips to make this process go smoothly. Start by trimming your hair to a shorter length before you begin shaving. Then use the shaving attachment for a smooth finish. Take your time and be patient with each stroke to achieve an even look. And don't forget to apply a moisturizer after shaving to hydrate and soothe your skin.

6. Beginning Beard Growth Shaving Tips
For men with beginning beard growth, there are specific tips for taming that stubble. Trimming a growing beard requires precision and care. Our shaver allows you to precisely set the desired length using the attachment combs. Always start with the longest comb and gradually work toward shorter lengths. Keep in mind that shaving against the direction of hair growth often gives the best results.

7. Styling Tips With The Trimmer
Using our shaver is not limited to just shaving. With the right attachments, you can shape your beard and facial hair into different styles. Whether you go for a neat stubble or a perfectly trimmed mustache, the precision trimmer attachments help you achieve the look you want. Experiment with lengths and contours to create your unique style.

8. Wet and Dry Shaving: Freedom of Choice for a Comfortable Experience
With our shaver, you enjoy the flexibility of both wet and dry shaving. Whether you prefer a quick dry shave in the shower or a careful shaving experience with shaving cream, the choice is yours. This not only provides comfort, but also reduces the risk of skin irritation.

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Tips & Tricks

Prepare your skin: Before you start shaving, it's a good idea to prepare your skin. Cleanse your face thoroughly to remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells. You can also use a pre-shave lotion or gel to soften your beard hairs and make shaving easier.

Shave on dry skin: Electric shavers are designed to work on dry skin. Make sure your face is dry and free of moisture before you start shaving. This minimizes friction and irritation.

The right angle: Hold the shaver at an angle of about 90 degrees to your skin. This ensures the best contact between the shaving heads and your beard hairs.

Pull your skin tight: To get a smooth shave, gently pull the skin of the area to be shaved tight. This helps the hair stand up straight and makes shaving easier.

Use slow movements: Move the shaver with slow, even movements against the direction of hair growth. This helps to shave as close to the skin as possible and achieve a smoother result.

Backwards from the direction of growth: If you want a very close shave, you can shave against the direction of growth. However, this can cause some skin irritation, so be careful and listen to your skin.

Regular cleaning: Clean your shaver after every shave to remove hair, sebum and dirt. Some modern shavers are self-cleaning, which makes maintenance easier.

Replace shaving heads on time: The shaving heads of electric shavers wear out over time. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to replace the shaving heads at the right time for optimal performance.

Reduce skin irritation: If you suffer from skin irritation after shaving, use an alcohol-free aftershave balm to soothe and moisturize the skin.