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Collapsible Hair Dryer with Diffuser and Concentrator Attachment by BAESS

Meet the ultimate hair partner: the collapsible hair dryer from BAESS. Whether you're traveling or perfecting your hair styling routine at home, this compact powerhouse is always there for you. With special attachments for beautiful curls, impressive volume and built-in negative ion technology for shine, our hair dryer lets your hair shine like never before. Discover the versatility of our hair dryer, perfect for both men and women, and immerse yourself in the world of endless styling possibilities.
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Welcome to BAESS! We are excited to introduce you to one of our most versatile and convenient products: the collapsible hair dryer with diffuser and concentrator attachment. Whether you're on the go or just want to perfect your styling routine at home, this hair dryer offers everything you need for beautiful looks and healthy hair. Let's take a closer look at the great features this hair dryer has to offer.

Compact and Travel Friendly Design
When traveling is on your schedule, the last thing you want is to lug around an unwieldy hair dryer. Our collapsible hair dryer from BAESS was designed specifically with your needs in mind. Its compact design makes it easy to store and take with you, so you can always enjoy salon-worthy results wherever you are.

Create Beautiful Curls and Volume
With the included diffuser and concentrator attachments, you can easily create beautiful curls and volume, just the way you want. The diffuser is ideal for curly hair, while the concentrator helps you achieve sleek looks. Whether you're planning a night out or just want to enhance your everyday style, this hair dryer offers the versatility you're looking for.

For Both Men and Women
At BAESS, we believe in products that are right for everyone. Our collapsible hair dryer is designed to be used by both men and women, making it the perfect addition to any styling routine, regardless of your hair type or style preferences.

Powerful Performance
With an impressive 1800 watts of power, our hair dryer delivers fast and efficient drying and styling. In addition, the constant temperature ensures that your hair is always protected from excessive heat. And as the finishing touch, our hair dryer has a handy coolshot function to fix your style.

Negative Ion Technology for Shiny Hair
What makes our hair dryer really special is the integrated negative ion technology. This technology helps to reduce static electricity and close the hair cuticles, resulting in shinier, healthier and easier-to-manage hair.

At BAESS, we understand that every hair type and individual style is unique. That's why we are proud to offer not one, not two, but three different models of collapsible hair dryers, each with their own features and benefits. Whether you are looking for the ultimate in curl definition, impressive volume or simply a reliable everyday hair dryer, we have the perfect match for you. Take a quick look and find out which hair dryer best suits you and your hair type. Let your hair shine like never before with BAESS!

Tips & Tricks

"Heat-friendly" Curls: Did you know that with the diffuser of our collapsible hair dryer, you can not only create curls, but heat-friendly curls? Divide your hair into sections, place them in the diffuser and choose a lower heat setting for beautiful, soft curls without excessive heat.

Volume Boosting 101: For extra volume, lift your roots while drying with the concentrator attachment. Direct the airflow under your hair roots for long-lasting volume that lasts all day.

Travel-friendly Styling: Use the collapsible hair dryer not only to dry your hair, but also as a quick fix for wrinkles in your clothes when you're on the go. Double functionality for the savvy traveler!

Coolshot as Shine Secret: After styling, you can use the coolshot function to fix your hair and add a beautiful shine. Keep your blow dryer at a downward angle while using this function for a smooth finish.

Negative Ion Love: Did you know that negative ion technology not only makes your hair shiny but also reduces frizz? Use this feature to control frizz even on humid days.

Multi-Texture Styles: Experiment with different attachments and temperatures to create multi-texture styles. For example, combine smooth hair with curly ends for a playful look to suit any occasion.

Pre-Heat Protection: Always use a heat protection product before using your blow dryer. This helps protect your hair from the heat and creates healthier-looking locks.

The Perfect Coolshot Fixation: Don't just use the coolshot feature at the end of your styling routine, switch from hot to cold during styling to instantly fix your hair as you style it.

Styling Hacks for Men: Men can use the concentrator to direct their hair in exactly the direction they want for streamlined looks. Try different angles for a whole new style.

Quick Hair Drying Routine: In a hurry in the morning? Use a towel to coarsely dry your hair first, then use the hair dryer on a lower heat setting to dry quickly without damaging your hair.

With these smart tips and tricks, get the most out of your BAESS collapsible hair dryer with diffuser and concentrator attachment. Get fun from experimenting, discover new looks and enjoy beautifully styled hair wherever you go!